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activity help: Volcano Harvesting


Relatively new, the job of volcano harvesting has been a topic of much debate. In 2438, Doctor Alice Giram discovered that after volcanoes erupted, the lava inside preserved any fossils or gems perfectly and in most cases, actually brought up and solidified gems from under the actual mountain.

Based on this, in 2446, she built the Volcano Harvester vehicle. She based the design on Old Earth airplanes and got a lot of money from selling them. Doctor Alice Giram had almost single handedly made her own source of income from something that could not be harvested, in theory.

Things did not go well, however. Soon after their launch, the Volcano Harvesters began to encounter problems. The harvesting equipment was causing the volcanoes to erupt at random, which resulted in many deaths. Alice countered, fitting cameras onto her creations, but it was not enough.

In 2460, the Species Defense Force declared that the activity was unsafe and required a licence. Alice spoke out against this and was mysteriously assassinated three weeks later.

What to do:

1. Buy a volcano harvester.
2. Find an active volcano. See your information computer for locations.
3. Fly your vehicle into the tube of the mountain and begin harvesting.
4. Return to a volcano research center and transfer your findings.
Occasionally, your harvesting gear will go out of alignment by a notch either up or down. If this happens twice with no action from you, the harvesting will stop. To realign your gear, simply type shift and then either up or down.


Volcanoes have a tendancy to erupt every so often, resulting in the destruction of your vehicle! Be sure you have a mapper handy when doing this activity. You will also encounter rock falls during your harvest that will cause damage to your harvester.

List of Commands:

Standard vehicle commands, please see the vehicle commands help file.
launch: Launch the vehicle.
land: Land the vehicle.
harvest: Start harvesting.
cargo: Check how much cargo you have.
transfer: Transfer materials.
repair: Repair any damage you take from rock falls.
camera: Activate/deactivate the camera.
rt or repairtime: Check how long until a repair is completed.
stop: Stop the harvest.
damage: See if your vehicle has taken damage.
shift : shift the gear to realign it.
shift c*heck check where your volcano harvester gear is.
Rank: 15
Skills: volcano licence
Race advantages: None
Recommended help files: help vehicle command.
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