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activity help: Trash Collecting


Even before humans came from Earth, trash was a major problem in society. In 2025, after the first space flights had begun, it was decided that something had to be done to the trash on planet Earth. There was just too much of it and as it was decaying, the carbon levels were rising dromatically.

By 2033, Earth was in a carbon crisis, a few smaller countries having been reduced to mere wastelands already, and so it was decided to bring in the business of trash collecting. People, the Earth alliance reasoned, were more likely to recycle if they knew they could sell that trash for some money. This method went better than expected, and it is still going today.

In the late 2480's, the problem of trash had spread over several planets. People, it seemed, just did not learn.
A man going by the name Qui almon suggested to the Galactic Senate a new way of trash collecting.
Continuing on the theme of the Old Earth trucks, which by this time were one of only few items used from the old planet, he built a refiner onto it, theorising that if each truck was fitted out with a drone that could clean the trash, it would save the Senate money in employment.
This idea took on a whole different path though, when the senate realised how much money they could get from it. With a budget 3-times what he had before, it was a mere few months before the inventor had perfected a tiny drone which could clean and then crush any material that would be found in trash collecting.
By only having to modify the vehicle a little, he then added a crusher, allowing the driver to collect even more trash in one sweep.

You will need:

1. A trash collecting truck, found in most trash collecting stores.
2. a weapon or other method of combat, depending on the area you go trash collecting in.
3. If you are not a dragon, Ryuchi, Mutariansi or Cy-larkan, grab a fly swatter.

What to do:

1. Go to a trash factory, fill up your vehicle with liquid then head to a trash collecting area.
2. Check to see if there is trash in the room you are in.
3. Begin cleaning.
4. When you are ready, or when your vehicle is full, type process to have your drone clean and process any trash you have gotten so far.
5. Type cube to crush the materials into cubes.
6. When ready, head over to a trash collection factory and transfer your goods.
Occasionally when trash collecting, you may have an annoying fly come into your trash truck. They don't do any harm, but a build up of them can get quite annoying! type use if you have one, to get rid of it.
Dragons, Mutariansi and Cy-larkan also have their own methods of getting rid of them which are fire , communicate and zap respectively.
Vehicles can hold, at maximum 50 cubes.
Note: Trash collecting trucks can be linked to Merchant ships the same way you would link a normal ship.

Trash Pickup Requests

The galaxy is vast and cluttered, with businesses of all sizes contributing to the unending cycle of trash production. When these businesses require trash to be picked up, they sometimes submit a pickup request to have the trash in their area collected and transferred to a safe location.
To embark on this journey, your first requirement is the dispatcher radio upgrade. To obtain this upgrade, you must have collected at least 500 units of trash.
Once you have acquired the upgrade, board to your vehicle and type "radio menu." From this menu, you can view the available pickup requests by selecting the first option.
Once you find a request that you believe you can fulfill, move your vehicle one room away from the location. For example, if the clothing shop on Earth has requested a pickup, you should position your vehicle outside the shop.
Once you are in the correct location, access the menu by typing "radio menu" inside of the vehicle and then choose "respond" and select the location. If you are in the correct spot, someone will arrive to load your vehicle with trash, and in return, you will receive some trash and cash for your efforts."


before beginning this activity, we advise you to familiarise yourself with where a few trash collecting areas are, and where some trash factories are, too.
Be aware that on Earth, there be monsters.

Trash Collecting Quests

1. go to a trash collection factory and type start-quest.
2. Collect as normal and when your trash collecter picks up the item, type retrieve.
3. Take the item to the trash collecting factory and type end-quest.
Note: You can do a trash collecting miniquest once every 10 minutes. The timer restarts from ending the quest. Also note that the start-quest and end-quest commands must be performed outside of the vehicle.
you can view how many trash quests you have done in your characters info.
Note: One can choose to take trash to a player-owned factory and get cash in return for the work. Points will not be awarded. Simply take the trash vehicle to the trash collecting room of the factory of your choice. The command is unload vehicle name.

List of Commands

clean: Begin the cleaning process. If you have the autoclean upgrade, this will begin that as well.
stop: If you have the autoclean upgrade, this will stop the trash cleaning process.
cargo: Shows you how much cargo your vehicle is carrying, plus how much it can hold.
Transfer: Transfers your material.
repair: Will repair any damage your vehicle has taken.
damage: Shows if the vehicle is damaged or not.
check: Shows how much trash is in the current area.
Unload vehicle name: Done in a trash collecting room of a player-owned factory to get a cash reward.
process: processes materials.
cube: turns processed material into trash.
refill : From a trash factory, fills up your trash collection truck with liquid.

Ending notes:

Upgrades are available at various Ranks for trash collection trucks. Normal vehicle upgrades, such as extra charge, may also be applied.
Important note: Factory trash facilities accept only unprocessed trash and will not accept cubed material.
Rank: 1
Skills: driving licence and trashing
The trashing skill increases your likelyhood of being able to move the vehicle out of harms way, and increases how much trash you get per clean.
Race Advantages: Cy-larkans have a plus 1 in trashing.
Recommended help files: help vehicle command.
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