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activity help: Trading Posts

The SDF and indeed Stargate productions are not the only traders in the galaxy.
Just as Earth had sole traders, limited companies and the like, so does the modern 25th century.
An example of a trading business in the modern galaxies are Trading Posts.
Usually family run though sometimes corporate, these very small space stations, or rather, space platforms, are set up to collect minerals.
How they work:
Every 4 hours, five Trading posts will appear in 5 random sectors.
Each station will be looking for a certain amount of a certain mineral, for example, 3000 lead minerals.
The station will pay a random amount of money for each mineral. Sometimes this is more than the transfer price, sometimes it is less.
After 2 hours, the Trading post will kick everyone out and leave the sector.
in addition to paying you in cash, the trading posts will offer blueprint bundles. The number of bundles they offer depends on how many minerals you trade.
How to use:
1. Dock to the trading post and go to the transfer center.
2. Type require to find out what this station requires and what it is paying.
3. Harvest the minerals.
4. When done, return to the station, dock then in the transfer center on the space station, type transfer.
Require: see what a space station requires.
transfer: Transfer your goods.
Rank: 120+
Skill requirements: none
Race Advantages: none
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