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activity help: Snuggling

For many, many centuries, people of all genders and races have benefited highly from friendly social contact with one another. A timeless tradition to help the distressed, snuggling has been proven and will continue to be proven, time after time, as one of the most beneficial activities of the galaxy, as it assists in lowering high blood pressure, high stress Ranks, and in coping with depression.

You will need:
An obvious desire to snuggle.
Another person with the same desire or who has a desire to help lower stress. Note, if you are unable to find another person that fits these requirements, a soft, squishy, plush toy will work as an okay substitute.
Consent Consent CONSENT!

What to do:
1. Inform potential snuggle partner of your desire to snuggle.
2. Wait for a response.
3. If the response is positive and your potential snuggle partner fits the requirements above, wrap one or both arms around him or her.
4. Take a deep breath and enjoy your time. Your stress Ranks will decrease significantly.
If hands, paws, or tentacles wander where they should not, snuggle partner may end up retaliating. You may very well end up without a snuggle partner and have to start the looking process all over again!
Note: While a small puppy or larger, good-natured dog can also be used in the snuggling process, this author does not recommend it for fear of flees.

List of Commands:
snuggle : Insures that you and your partner are snuggling nicely.

Rank: Any
Skills: Courtesy, common sense, and other various social skills.
Race advantages: Mutariansi have a unique advantage due to their ability to change forms, though any race will be able to manage this activity with reasonable ease.
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