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activity help: Rock Analyzation

How people of the ancient world used to live is always a facination, more so today. Now that we rely so heavily on technology, most of us find it difficult to comprehend how people didn't go without it. Some planets also used to have life, but have it no more. Whole species have been wiped out by natural selection and our science core want to know about it. You can help in our quest to find out about the ancients by collecting rocks for analyzation.

You will need:
1. A sack.
2. A wrist computer.
3. A boat.

What to do:
1. Unmoor your boat into a body of water.
2. Dive off of the boat.
3. Use your wrist computer to scan for a rock. There may not be any at the time, or it may be set in layers of rubbish at the bottom of the water. If you can not get to it, you can either dredge or ask for someone to come and dredge the water so you can get to it.
4. When you are at the coordinates of your rock, search for it.
5. Put the rock in your sack.
6. Go to a rock research center and research them. You will be rewarded for your hard work and the machines will use highly-advanced lasers to annalyse the rocks' contents, hopefully discovering the hidden carbon of an ancient race!
If you drop something in a water area, you will lose it forever. Hosts will not recover things you lose for not keeping this in mind!

List of Commands
dive: Dive off of your boat.
: move in a direction in the water. If under water, you have about 60 seconds before you absolutely must surface, or you pass out and become a floating corpse.
scan using : scan using your wrist computer for coordinates for a rock.
coord : find out where you are according to your wrist computer.
search: search for a rock.
put in : put a rock in your sack.
Please see HELP BOATING COMMANDS to get the commands for boats.
Important note: This activity goes hand in hand with dredging. If you can not dive down far enough to get to a rock, chances are the place needs to be dredged first!

Rank: 30
Skills: water research skill, swimming
Race advantages: Cy-larkan have a -10 bonus, because their electronics prevent them from going under water. Mutariansi have a -1 swimming bonus due to their physiology.
Recommended help files: help boat commands
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