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activity help: Quantum Rift Research


With the invention of the quantum drive, and all that that entails, the scientists of the galaxy have begun to turn their attention with interest towards quantum waves.
It took only 6 months to perfect a primitive device that could send out quantum waves on various frequencies, and using this, scientists decided to try and attempt a sonar-like scanning array to see what could be seen.
They were expecting little, and indeed, for a while, that is exactly what they got until one day, by chance, they happened to scan near a supernova.
A supernova is a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass.
During this explosion, scientists found that the supernova kicks out a massive amount of quantum waves, described as red waves, while also dragging in strange dots of unknown origin towards it.
for lack of anything else to call them, scientists named them rifts.
This is as far as the research got so far, scientist knowing they exist, and knowing how to find them. It is thought that if enough came together, it might cause a black hole, but at this early stage in the game, that is merely hypothesis.

You will need:

a black hole permit,
a quantum wave generator upgrade
You may also want:
Increased probe data storage upgrade.

What to do:

1. Scientists ask you to take a mission-like approach, and so have set up an assignment facility on Tera Base. Head there and assign the rift research mission and contact a jumpship as normal.
2. When you arrive, activate the quantum wave generator. This will put out a field that will nullify the pull of the quantum waves on the ship for a short while.
3. Scan for rifts. This may take several attempts. You can choose between 3 frequencies to scan at.
4. Once a rift has been located, move to it. Note that rifts will move, but not very quickly.
5. Next you can either:
5.1: Probe it, do this to collect data about the rift for study. Again, you choose a frequency, if you get it right, the wave will hit the rift and rebound to the ship, where it will be collected. If you do it wrong, chances are it will hit a red wave and be nullified. If it sails off into space, there are no rifts near you.
5.2: seal it. Sealing a rift is really easy. As above, you must choose a frequency to find the rift, and then, balance out the number. You will be given, for example, 9. Balance this by entering -9. Note that, the rift will disappear even if you do not seal the rift correctly, this is due to quantum disturbance.

Things to note:

1. You will need to refresh the generator to keep it nullifying the gravity field.
2. the supernova will not show as a star, due to it being in the stage of change, but it will always be at 0 0 0.
3. Do not go to 0 0 0. You will die.
4. Every action with the quantum generator takes a lot of charge to perform.
5. The supernova may occasionally lash out a heat wave, so ensure heat shields are up.

Command list:

qwg: Use this to use your quantum wave generator, here are the subcommands. Type these by typing, for example, qwg start.
check: see how much time is left on the generator.
stop: stop the generator
gen: start the generator
probe: start probing a rift
wave: scan for rifts
cargo: check your cargo
transfer: from a Space Station, transfer your data.
seal: Seal a rift.


Rank: 1900
Skills: Rift Research permit
Race Advantages: None
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