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activity help: Planetoid Harvesting


Planetoids. What are they?
When a star forms, it drags in rocks and debris around it, which collide with each other. These rocks, minerals, and gases continue to collide until they form bigger lumps. These lumps crash into each other and may form asteroids. These asteroids continue to collide to form planetoids or planetesimals. These planetoids could collide to form planets, much like our beloved Earth.
Some, however, do not, often forming dwarf planets as a result, or just not forming anything and staying as planetoids. Some break apart into asteroids again.
For the most part, we left these alone. Some were settled on, but most were just left alone by the alliance. In 2439, 9 years after the great disaster, scientists observed that planetoids, much like asteroids, were forming into fields.
Several investigation crafts were sent out in the early 50's to find out more about the natural phenomenons. To our delight, we found that they were full of various well-loved minerals.
In 2489, a year after Stargate Productions released their Heavy Miner, work was put in place to begin work on some planetoid harvesting equipment. Going off a very similar design to the asteroid harvesting equipment, they built prototype planetoid harvesting equipment.
Even now, they are continuing to try to work on it, as it can be rather unstable, but with the help of Planetoid Progress, opened in 2470, they hope to have a stable one out soon!

You will need:

a ship with the planetoid equipment upgrade installed.

what to do:

1. Much like with asteroids, you must first find yourself a field and enter it.
2. Scan to make sure you can harvest each type of mineral in the planetoid and then begin your harvest.
3. Return to either your factory or a station/planet and gain your reward.
Watch out!
Pirates can, and depending on your good will with them or lack there of, will or will not attack you. in planetoid fields
the key difference, other than the variety of minerals, that comes with planetoid harvesting is the introduction of the planetoid equipment drone.
As planetoids travel through space, they pick up rubbish and organic materials, but they also pick up anomalous objects. random things that when studied, may contain some hidden secret. As you can imagine, these objects are highly facinating to scientists, but highly irritating to merchants.
As you are harvesting, you may hear an object get sucked up by the tubes and get jammed.
A single item will not cause any problems, but when you get to around 6 to 10, they may start to slow you down, and at 10 items, they have been known to completely jam up your equipment.
The way, therefore, that you combat these anomalies is through the usage of a planetoid drone. this tiny drone comes automatically with your equipment and sits inside the tubing. It categorises your tubing into ten sections and it is your job to direct the drone to the section it needs to go, and then to tell it to grab the blockage and bring it up to you.
On Astraeus, there is a dragon called Sarah Silver Scale, who is a scientist specialising in the study of these objects. if you take them to her, she will pay you for them. She will sell you an artifact container of sorts and you can fill it with stuff and take it to her. She will sort through it and buy all the junk, then give it back.
Nine times out of ten, they are nothing remarkable and yield little reward. Sometimes, however, there is the chance that there is something different, and you may get something much bigger.
How it works:
1. You hear something get stuck.
2. It is best to direct your drone to the top of the tube, then tell it to do a sweep, in order to find out where there are blockages.
3. Direct your drone to a blocked area.
4. tell it to grab the item.
5. Bring the drone back up to the top of the tube, and grab the item from it.
6. Take the container to Sarah Silver Scale and see if you have found something special!
watch out!
From time to time your cargo bay will take damage. When this happens, you will need metal panels to repair it. The conversion rate is 10 metal panels per 10 percent of damage. You'll need to have the panels in the cargo bay you wish to repair and then type repair.


harvest planetoid: harvest planetoids.
repair harv: repair your planetoid equipment.
damage: check your planetoid equipment.
deploy: from a drone bay, will launch a combat drone into space.
recall: from a combat drone bay will recall your drones.
planetoid-drone or pd: Access the controls for the planetoid drone
PD level, check the level of your planetary drone.
pd view: Cause the drone to sweep for blockages
pd down, or pd d, or pd down : direct the planetoid drone down.
pd up, pd u, or pd up : direct the planetoid drone up
pd grab: Tell your drone to grab something
pd l: Send the drone to a specific level.


Rank: 180
Note: At higher levels harvesting probes can be bought to aid with scanning. The command is harvest probe.
skills: planetoid harvesting, minerals.
race advantages: Please see ahelp asteroid harvesting.
Recommended help files: shelp rats,ahelp asteroid processing,shelp combat drones,shelp mining drones,help sector security grade.
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