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activity help: Planetoid Grabbing

Popular, and not so popular, scientists join The Galactic Science Core each day.
One of the more popular ones was Susan Jenkins, working under Elena Jenkins11957. She specialises in planetoid research.
her research takes her most often into the fields as she attempts to annalise the core components that make up a planetoid or roid.
Her most recent discovery was that ice existed on planetoids. Coupled together with technology that stargate productions made from old starship frames, they were able to make a small pod-like vehicle called a planetoid grabber.
They then fitted tubes onto this and made the official planetoid grabber, available in stores today. In this activity you take your vehicle to the planetoid and collect samples of ice and its core.
You will need:
A planetoid grabbing vehicle
a starship with a vehicle bay in it
What to do:
1. Take your vehicle out onto a planetoid. To get to a planetoid, head out of local space, and find a planetoid field. scan it, then move to its coordinates.
2. Collect the ice.
3. While you're there, collect the core samples.
4. When your cargo is full, return to a landing bay and transfer your goods.
Note, you can also buy an upgrade to load your collected ice and planetoid core on a ship.
5. celebrate at the high cash payout!
Collecting core samples from planetoids is dangerous. If you collect too many samples from a planetoids core, the planetoid will become unstable, resulting in its destruction.
See help vehicle commands for a list of common vehicle commands.
collect: collect ice
core: collect core samples.
cargo: check your cargo
STOP: Stop the collection process
transfer: transfer your goods
unload: Load your goods into a ship for storage.
load: Load your goods from a ship into your vehicle ready for transfer.

Rank: 150
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
recommended help files: help vehicle commands
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