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activity help: Passenger Transportation


Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a starship. in fact, you being a pilot is a privilege. Seventeen billion people were on the earth by the time the Humans left, and there are now 6 races spanning more than 30 sectors. Barely 3 percent per planet are pilots, if that. It is, however, apparent that people need to move from planet to planet in order to perform daily tasks.
In the modern era, you can hop from Earth to Navu and still be back in time for tea! Due to this reason, we ask you, our trusty pilots, to help transport people across the galaxy. We will pay you a small reward for this.

You will need:

A ship

What to do:

1. Go to a passenger transport center.
2. Request for passengers.
3. Talk to the passengers.
4. Take them to their planet or space station.


Note 1: If requesting passengers from a space station, your ship must be in the hangars.
note 2: The faster you get the passenger to his or her destination, the higher the reward at the end.


Request: in a passenger transport center, request passengers.
talk : find out where the passenger is going.
finish : when at the passengers destination, tells the passenger to exit the ship.
sod : Tell the passenger to sod off and get a different transporter.


Rank: 70
skills: none
race advantages: none
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