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activity help: Ore Extraction

Ore Extraction

In modern day society, there are many so-called valued items, from minerals dug up from underground to gems dug up from the sea. None, however, are as valuable as ores. Ores are unrefined minerals that can be used in many, many applications. While it is true most businesses will just refine the ore, there are some who will actually use it for other things, including some religions who will use it in shrines.
You will need:
A shovel.
Some cave poles.
An extracting teleporter.
What to do:
1. Dig a cave from the tube of a mountain. Please see your info computer for the location of mountains and or volcanoes. This means you must enter the lava tube of the volcano or mountain before you can set up your poles.
2. Put up supporting structure poles.
3. Spelunk.
4. Get out before too many eruptions occur.
5. Take your ore to a research center, see your informational computer for more info.
*** WARNING ***
If other caves erupt, or collapse, you could die!
*** WARNING ***
Caves have monsters in them, so be careful!
List of Commands
setup : Set up your poles.
dig : Dig a cave.
spelunk: Spelunk for some ore.
use : Use your teleporter.
ores: See how many ores you have collected.
>unload: From an ore refining facility, Researches your ores.
Rank: 1
Skills: none.
Race advantages: none.
Recommended help files: help ground combat
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