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activity help: Moon Hauling


Just as you, as a factory or ship owner need resources, so do the general population.
In general, planets and space stations have their own organisations who will tractor in moons for them to use.
More recently, however, under the advice of Five-Star General Kayla Marianne, it was decided that civilians who have the ability should be paid for bringing in the resources too.
That is why over the month of August in 2490, moon hauling consoles, and the appropriate orbital satellites, were set up around planets to allow for people to do such an activity.

You will need:

a ship with a moon gear upgrade

What to do:

1. Find a moon.
2. Tractor it to a planet.
3. Teleport down and haul it in.
You can haul moons anywhere from speed 40 to warp 5, however note that smaller ships get speed bonuses applied to them, so warp 5 may be too fast and you may have to go a little bit slower.
note: You can not haul moons of type building.


Please see ahelp moon harvesting and ahelp moon splitting.
moonhaul: from a landing pad, will haul the moon in to the satellites above.
moon-sector: From a beacon station's landing pad this allows you to have industrial haulers drag the moon to another sector so you can start building it in your desired location.


Rank: 850
Skills: none
race advantages: none
Recommended help files: ahelp moon harvesting,ahelp moon splittin.
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