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activity help: Moon Harvesting


One of the more obvious celestial objects is a moon. Moons are everywhere and you can do many things with them.
Working off of Stargate Production's design in 2433, the recently opened Moon Mania designed some primitive moon harvesting equipment. It was their belief that if asteroids had minerals, so did moons.
By 2440, they had the first working piece of equipment, and by 2442 were proven right. moons did indeed contain minerals.
What was obviously apparent, however, was the fact that due to the Great Disaster in 2430, moon's movements were erratic. They had been yanked out of their normal orbits and scattered far and wide. They were now being pulled by the gravitational fields of black holes and stars. Thankfully, in 2444, a Cy-larkan named Alexanda Damira2489 invented the tractor beam, which enabled people to capture the moons for harvesting.

You will need:

A ship with the moon gear installed.

What to do:

1. Track down a moon. They are found outside of local space.
2. Tracter it.
3. analyze it. If it is a mineral moon:
4. Harvest it.


moons: see available moons.
moon: enter a moon command. Possible arguments:
tractor: tractor the moon.
analyze: analyse the moon.
harvest: harvest the moon.
retract: retract the harvesting equipment.


Rank: 850
Skills: Minerals
Race advantages: see ahelp asteroid harvesting.
Recommended help files: ahelp moon hauling,ahelp moon splittin.
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