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activity help: Meteor Chasing


Meteor chasing is one of the newest, and yet thrilling, activities approved by the Species defense force.
Many people, in fact pretty much everybody, thought they were just pretty lights in the sky. Professor Olivia Red Scale decided that actually, they were not.
Using ideas formed from old earth, she built an extendable turbine system which she then fit to starships.
It was clunky, but it worked. Her first attempt was laughable, if a bit dangerous.
She took the ship out of the hangars of star command, and undocked. The ship then decided that it was too heavy, and exploded.
Her second attempt was not much better. By the ninth attempt, people were getting worried.
On her tenth go however, Olivia managed to get it just perfect.
while it was true the currents did cause damage, it worked, and that is what matters.

You will need:

A ship with the meteor gear upgrade,
A mapper with the meteor monitoring patch.

What to do:

`1. Wait until you hear a storm being created.
2. Jump to that sector and go to the relevant direction until you enter uninhabited space.
3. Scan for meteor storms.
4. raise your shields.
5. Use your turbines to create electrical pulses.
6. Either transfer your charge into your ship, store it for later, or transfer it into your factory.
Note: Electronic pulses can not be transferred, only used.


turbine: start up the turbine
stabilize: put out the stabilisers
stop: tstop and retract the turbine
meteors: view information to do with meteors in the current sector.
From a cargo bay:
Shipcharge: transfer charge to your ship
factorycharge: transfer charge to your factory
cargo: in the control room, will view how many electrical pulses you have stored. One pulse is equal to one second of charge.


Rank: 110
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
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