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activity help: Medical Evacuations


As worlds in the alliance face the constant threat of invasions, we have learned to our detriment that not only military officers suffer. Civilians too live under the ever present threat of attack and are often injured or killed during the onslaught. Local agencies and first responders struggle to prevent loss of life, but are too often unable to reach disaster victims in time.
You can help by providing medical transport during the aftermath of such disasters.

What you will need:

A medical ship equipped with a patient transport bay.
A medical evacuation scanner.
one or more emergency medical replicators
Note: Emergency medical replicators are limited use devices.

What to do:

When a planet reaches out for a medical evacuation ship, It will be broadcasted over the Medical Evacuation scanners.
This has been known to occur after or during ground assaults or other planetside disasters.
Hop in your Medical evacuation ship, fly to and land on the planet requesting aid.
With your Medical evacuation Scanner handy, leave your ship and begin searching for victims.
When a disaster victim is found, use the scanner to diagnose a treatment.
Using the medical replicator, Replicate the appropriate item for the injury.
Use the replicated item to stabilize the victim for transport.
Once stabilized, use the scanner again to signal to your ship that the patient is ready for teleportation.
Note: Your ship can only carry 10 patients at any given time.
Transport the patients to the Emergency landing pad at the Galactic Medical Complex to collect your reward.
Remember: Time is a factor, once stabilized, patients must receive emergency medical care as quickly as possible. Waiting too long to transport patients to the Medical Complex may result in a decline in the patient's condition or even death.
Your reward is dependant on the patient's condition upon discharge from your care.
If the patient dies in your care, you will not receive a reward.

Scanner Commands:

Scan with : use the scanner to either scan for or diagnose victims.
link : Link the scanner to your medical evacuation ship.
Note: this command only works if you are aboard your medical evacuation ship.
logs : View or clear the broadcast log.
Replicator Commands:
Activate : Use this command to select the appropriate first aid item.

First aid item commands:

Use : Attempt to treat a victim with the first aid item.
Ship commands:
Discharge: In the patient transport bay, discharges patients from the ship to the Galactic Medical Complex.


Rank: 60
skills: none, however Members of the Galactic Medical CORPS will automatically receive a higher reward in both cash and points.
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