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activity help: Mechanical Mining


After the Miners' Corps successfully launched in 2248, many people got on the mining band wagon.
In 2300, it was suggested to Doctor Ricitus that he invent a mechanical mining vehicle.
He disagreed, saying it would ruin the Miners Core's purpose.
In 2315, the Bricks and Builders Society[BOB], the Miners' Core's most famous opposition, took the old design of Earth Diggers and came up with a new one.
The basic ideas were the same, with a claw attached to an arm digging down into the earth, but this time, the claw staid down while a little probe retrieved the minerals.
It was found that deep down in their crusts, many planets had minerals that could be dug up. Bob however were known for being greedy. In the late 25th century, when it became aparrent that scientists were more interested in other elements, they branched out, adding enhancements to their diggers and in fact, changing their entire purpose until they were no longer digging minerals but actually digging other things.
This offered some relief, as the Miners Core were now free to raise their prices a little, now that the main competition was focussed on other things.

You will need:

A digger

What to do:

1. Buy yourself a digger.
2. Find a digging area using your informational computer.
3. Take your digger there and do some digging.
4. When your cargo is full, or when you feel like it really, use the sorting laser to sort the unprocessed rocks into their raw elements.
5. When the computer is full of the raw elements, 100 or above, head to Eexei Othairus. You will want to go to the factory complex.
6. Transfer each element in its appropriate room.


Note on sorting: The laser used to sort the rocks has 10 settings. You have 3 guesses to get the setting right before the rocks explode from the heat.
Note on venting: during the sorting process, pollution will be vented out into the planet's atmosphere. see help pollution and ahelp pollution collection.


Dig: When in a digging area, not a hand mining area, this will start the vehicle digging.
Stop: Will stop the digger's digging.
Transfer: Transfers dug up materials.
Cargo: check what is in the cargo bay
sort: Begin the sorting process.
Note: You can also transfer your dug materials at factories. To do so just take your digger to a digger transfer room on the wanted factory, exit the vehicle and type unload .


Rank: 65
skills: Laser sorting, required to operate the laser
race advantages: Pauagiwa have this skill by default, as do dragons.
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