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activity help: Hand Mining


Even in modern day society, valuable gems like diamonds and pearls hold great value among all of the races. Naturally, however, this being the modern age, we have found new ways of enhancing the power given to us by gems.
In 2228, a scientist named Electar Ricitus discovered that light passed through certain gems at high intensity when the gem had been through his patented purification process, and would produce a high-powered, brick-shattering pulse. His work would have been released in that year. the first testing of this laser, however, resulted in the destruction of his labs, and by extension, the laser's destruction.
When his findings were finally released in 2240, the main opposition was that the labor required to mine the gems would cost too much. Doctor Ricitus had this covered, however. He argued that if you sold the lasers at the correct price and designed a mining vehicle, you could, in theory, generate enough income to sustain it. So, in 2245, the Earth Alliance approved the proposal for a Mining Industry. This Mining Industry was chaired by Zefrak Silver Scale and his sister Joera Silver Scale.
Hand mining was the first part of the industry, allowing everyone to participate. It soon became clear, however, that dragons were not suited to the Mining Company, as they either could not fit in the mine shafts or kept taking the gems for themselves. This lead to the closing of the Industry in 2246, then its reopening, by Doctor Ricitus, in 2248 under the name The Miner's Corps.
Under its original designer, The Miners' Corps was able to flourish. Planets like Maraquda were quick to sign up, allowing people to mine the gems of the planet in exchange for a small percentage of the profit. The hand mining industry had begun!

You will Need:

an info computer
A shovel. You do not need this if you are a dragon, ryuchi, or mutariansi in rabbit, dog, or wolf forms.
a hand mining kit

What to do:

1. Purchase the equipment above.
2. Go to a mining research facility. the best way to do this is to use your info computer to find a mining area, and then explore the planet. Usually, if a planet has a mining area on it, it also has a research center for hand mining finds.
3. At the research center, fill your kit with water and acid. The amounts are up to you.
4. Go to the mining area and scan for a find.
5. Go to the coordinates shown, and dig.
5.1: If the soil is too dry, you will need to water it.
5.2: If the soil is too wet, you will need to dry it.
6. When you have the find you now must identify it. You do this by using your senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. You want to identify which category the find fits into, and then treat it correctly. see the table below for more info.
7. You can store the find in your container, or keep it in your inventory. It is up to you. When you have gotten as many as you like, head back to the research center. Optionally, you can use diamonds found in this activity to sharpen dragon's claws.
8. Make sure you have put each find through a treatment before this step. Submit your finds to get a reward.


there are five categories of find, which must each be treated differently. If you treat it wrong, you may destroy the item!
Use the table below to help you identify finds and know how to treat them.
Category, things to look out for, treatment:
Fossil: Generally contained in other rocks with water around them. acid bath,
crystals, firm to the touch with no breaks, and blocks hearing. Water bath.
shards, tastes like dirt but with an overtone. Grinder and sorter.
gems, they look like obvious gems. Polish them with the laser.
rocks: Each rock is generally unique, but using your senses, you are able to establish it is obviously a rock. Cut this into shape with the cutting tool.

Watch out!

When digging, your site could get taken over by a suspicious person, who looks rather scruffy! If you let them. they will steal your find!
Just type scare to try to get the person to leave you alone!

List of Commands

compass directions: Move about the dig site.
out: When at 0, 0, will exit the dig site.
climb: Stops you digging completely and allows you to move around or out of the area.
dig: Try to dig for a find.
water: Use a water container to make the soil wetter.
dry: use the drying tool to make the soil dryer.
scan: Scan for a find using your info computer.
use on : Use a treatment on your find.
sniff find, look find, taste find, listen to find, and feel find: Use your senses upon the find.
submit: Submit your finds when in the research center.
fill: (In a mining research center) Fill up your mining kit with acid and water.
sharpen : Try to sharpen your claws with a mining find.


Rank: 1
Skills: mining
Race advantages: Humans start off with a +3.0 skill advantage, Cy-larkan start with +2.0, while Dragons and Ryuchi start with +1.0. Finally, the Pauagiwa start with a +1 in this skill.
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