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activity help: Gas Retrieval


There are a lot of strange things in the new universe.
In 2465, 35 years after the great disaster, scientists observed that due to the gravitational upset, some gas types had started to collect around planetoids.
A scientific team was sent out and found that indeed, strange gas types like krypton had begun to gather. A scientist named Doctor Argo N. Oxide theorised that if you reversed a gravity fields force and then used an old style propeller, you could pull the gas into containers for use in the industrial age.
In 2470, this was tried out and indeed it seemed it could work. The propeller system is unreliable and a bit faulty, sometimes damaging easily, but after Stargate Productions got approval to fund some armour for it, gas retrieval became safe enough for the public to do.
The activity has only been around for a few years, going public in 2485, and so far it has been extremely successful.

You will need:

A planetoid collecting ship or a ship with the suitable upgrades.

What to do:

1. Find your ship.
2. Find a planetoid field. This is done by heading out into uncharted space, in the direction of your choice, and scanning for fields. Planetoid fields can appear generally anywhere from between 500 to 2000 units into uncharted space.
3. Make sure you can collect the gas from it by scanning it.
4. Collect the gas.
5. Return to a planet or space station and transfer your goods.


Scan: Scan a planetoid.
r-gas or retrieve-gas: Start collecting some gas.
repair-gas: repair your gas harvesting equipment.
stop:Stops the gas retrieval process if you have the automatic gas harvesting upgrade.
Providing you have the correct upgrade, gas-probe can also be used to send out a probe to analyse and show you collected data on each Nebula or Planetoid in the area with gas on.
G-p is also an alias for gas-probe.


Rank: 220
Skills: Gas harvesting.
Race advantages: Humans have a +2 in this skill.
Recommended help files: shelp Cargo Hold Expansion Drones,shelp upgrade.
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