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By Nathan Tech!

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Scattered around the game, both on info computers and in shops, are a number of game boards.
First, lets cover the two games that are in your informational computer:
Cult: see ahelp cult
Poker, see ahelp poker.
Want to have some fun in a room with an actual game though?
No problem my friend.
Here on cosmic Rage, fun is our middle name. It's just cosmic fun Rage doesn't sound right.
In gamer's Haven, located on Harmonia, are a number of fun little games including:
dice, Simply role to role them.
Coins: Heads or tails? Flip the coin to find out!
Hot potato: See who can be quickest to throw the potato to another person without getting burnt! toss at to throw the potato.


Are you feeling lucky, punk?
place on roulette: this places a bet on the roulette wheel.
spin : Spins the wheel!


Ever been any good at throwing darts?
Me neither, but on cosmic Rage, it's all up to your character.
to start a game, you and your friends must type play .
Once everyone has joined, you can type chuck at to throw your darts.

Games console:

the games console is a single player console that allows you to gain daily rewards in the form of halving skill train times.
Ever had it where you think man... This skill timer is 6 hours, that's ages!
No problem, the gaming consoles are here to help.
Type gHelp game consoles for more information.
Recommended help files: ahelp Recreational Temptation.
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