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Have you ever wanted to perform on Cosmic Rage? Well now you can with theaters!
Theaters are a great way for you to express yourself in a cool and creative way!
Now lets get started!


In acting everything is done from an actors point of view so the directions are going to be a little different than your normal north, south directions.
Here are the most common stage directions.
Stage left: The actors left if facing the audience.
Stage right: The actors right when facing the audience.
Down stage: Moving towards the audience.
Up stage: Moving away from the audience
Center stage: The center of the stage

You can combine these into all sorts of different combinations for example
Down stage right: The right side closest to the audience.

The action command

The action command is used to either make a backdrop or change a light or group of lights.
Here are some examples there will also be the syntax for how you right them down.
Command: Action a spotlight lights up center stage
you see: A spotlight lights up center stage.
Command: action the scene changes to show a field with flowers and a puffy sky
you see: The scene changes to show a field with flowers and a puffy sky
Command: action a red light appears on stage left
You see: A light appears on stage left

Note: The action command is not to be used to manipulate actors on stage you should use normal emoting for that.

How would I be able to use the theater on Panaxes?

There are a lot of theaters and stages on Cosmic Rage but the most commonly used one is Panaxes.
If you would wish to use this stage in particular please send a mail to Bob gun under the mail a position holder menu.
Please include your name, the date and time for your performance, and if you need any sort of props or furniture.
Note: please feel free to bring your own furniture, costumes, and props to enhance your experience.
You can also act with your friends you don't have to be alone!
Recommended help files: aHelp Recreational Temptation.

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