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activity help: Comet Acid Extraction

Comets are amazing things. At first, we thought them to be just balls of burning fire. Now we know better. They are actually balls of ice. They have a core of dust and contain frozen amino acids.

We can split these comets apart for use in other circumstances. The first of these is water extraction (ahelp comet water extraction). The second of these is dust extraction (ahelp comet dust extraction). The third and final of these is acid extraction. By extracting amino acids from comets, we hope to be able to identify if life could be harbored on a comet and if not, where the life might have come from.

You will need:
A ship with a warp drive, a comet scanning module, at least 1 of the acid type upgrades, at least 1 of the acid cargo expansions, and comet probes installed.

What to do:
1. Either find a comet in uncharted space, or wait for a comet to be announced over flight control.
2. Move to the comet and continue moving after it. Match its speed exactly by using the warp command. Note that comets will always move from west to east.
3. anchor the comet by typing cometanchor
4. Shoot your cute little probe at the comet, and yes, they are so cute!
5. Wait.

Important note: You will be traveling at high speeds alongside an object that is burning. heat shields will be necessary.
cometanchor, anchor the comet.
extract: begin the extraction process. Note, You must give the argument acids from comet for it to work, like so: extract acids from comet.
comets: see what comets are around.
comettrack: tells you in which direction the nearest comet is.

Rank: 450
Skills: starship movement, cargo expansions, warp Rank, probe Rank, acids
Race advantages: humans have a +3 in the acids skill.
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