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activity help: Airpod Defense


Due to the number of enemies, the allies, as well as the enemy races, are often fighting on multiple fronts.
There is not just one strategy but a thousand strategies as we struggle to claim this and that.
One such place is Sola Virtus Invicta.
Originally named SDF Outpost Theta15, this troubled planet is nothing but a wasteland, but a very resource rich wasteland.
It is the fighting point for both the allies, the droids, the Vacus and the Kaltz. No one wants to let it go.
In 2492, the small camp the allies had was finally given up as it was simply unrealistic to keep hold of it.
While the enemies were distracted with this, the MI moved in quietly on the other side of the planet, building a massive underground base as well as an atmospheric sky platform for easier landings.
This was when the planet was renamed, Sola Virtus Invicta, Courage conquers all.
Part of the new atmospheric platform though was its towers.
As you can imagine, the enemies were none too pleased to find a hovering platform giving the allies a clear advantage in the sky and they take every opportunity to attack it with air pods.
Air pods are smaller, faster aircrafts that can't hit as hard but are a lot quicker.
In response to this the allies begun launching their own pods from the Complex's turrets and this is where you come in.
Take up the call of victory and sign up on Sola Virtus Invicta to defend the platform!

What to do:

1. Head to the turret on Sola Virtus Invicta.
2. When you are in the pod, familiarise yourself with the commands.
3. Blast away!


sign-up: sign up to get a pod
aim : aim in a direction
exit: dock your pod and leave it
la*sers: fire the lasers
missile: Fire the missile. You get 3 missiles so use them wisely. Missiles will clear the sky to let you breathe.
rep*air: repair the pod
status: See the damage of your pod, along with the number of enemies you have destroyed and some other stats such as missile count.
tar*gets: see where your targets are in case you lose track.
brag airpod: Brag how many air pods you have destroyed.


Note: If you get destroyed, you will not get a reward!
Note 2: Dragons will not die if the pod explodes. Every other race will.
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