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activity help: Celestial Splitting


Life before the disaster for planetoids was a little harsh, and for the most part, it still is.
Before the great disaster, we had very little use for planetoids and so the SDF invented the planetoid cannon.
Made like the planetary cannon, it was designed to split planetoids apart into small chunks which could be made into bricks.
It took 3 years until the cannon became stable, and losses were heavy at first. It was found that Ratika, also known as rats, seemed to nest at the center of planetoids. So, civilians were advised away, while the military tested the strength of Ratika pods.
When deemed safe, Galia Treegold took a tester ship out, fitted with a planetoid cannon and blew up a planetoid, using retrieval lines to pull the chunks in.
The process was and still is dangerous, rats being all around you, and the chunks disintegrate fast, meaning you can get heavy losses when retrieving.
Civilians are allowed to do this activity though.
More recently, a young scientist working under Elena Jensin11957 managed to tone the cannon down for use in asteroids, which further expanded the use of the market.

You will need:

A ship fitted with a celestial cannon.
A cargo bay with the planetoid chunks and celestial cannon explosives expansions.
At least 100 celestial cannon explosives in the bay. You can buy refills in the same place you bought the cannon.

What to do:

1. Find a field with celestial bodies or asteroids in it.
2. Align your ship so the celestial body is 10 galactic units in front of you, along the y axis. Examples:
ship: 0, 0, 0
celestial body: 0, 10, 0
ship: 4050, 185, -234
celestial body: 4050, 195, -234
ship: -1203, -4424, 185
celestial body: -1203, -4414, 185
3. Fire the cannon.
4. Take out the rats.


celestial-cannon[cc]: fire the cannon.
Chunks that you obtain from this activity can either be transfered for a reward, or used to make bricks and other resource types.


Rank: 350
skills: none
race advantages: none
Recommended help files: shelp rats,shelp combat drones,help sector security grade.
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