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You are in the web view for viewing our Policies online in your browser. A policy is a set of rules on a particular topic layed out by the staff of the game which should be obeyed to ensure maximum smooth running efficiency of both information, enjoyment and the game itself.

system abuse

During the course of it's lifetime a mud will execute millions of lines of code and sometimes you may experience something unexpected.
These surprises can take on many forms, such as:
A loophole: When a command or action allows you to get around restrictions that would otherwise be in place, for example it allows you to execute a command twice rather than once if you type quick enough, or you are able to gain hundreds of trillions of credits if you perform a certain technique.
An error: This is where the action stops executing and produces an error message. An example of what this message looks like is: "Sorry, something seems to have gone wrong. Don't worry though, we've been made aware of it. We would appreciate you giving us extra info on this error by entering a report. You can use the ID when doing so to include your traceback. Please do not execute this command until further notice."
A malfunction: This is where you expect something to do something and it ends up doing nothing of the sort. An example of this is if you expected an upgrade to increase your laser power, and it didn't.
In all of the above cases there are some very simple rules that we enforce for the balance and fairness of the game:
1. You should report all of the above if you find any of them by using the report command. We're understanding though and understand that sometimes you miss the message or you don't quite realise that's not how it works.
2. You must not deliberately exploit any of the above to your own or others gains.
3. You must not deliberately seek to generate any of the above unless given sanction to by a member of staff during a testing period.
4. You must not communicate how you generated this error, nor consistently highlight how it is done to any other player other than the staff themselves. This communication must only be private and not on any form of public medium.
These are all, mostly, unintentional ways in which you can abuse the system but there are also deliberate actions which constitute system abuse and are similarly against this policy. They include:
*attempting to, successfully or otherwise, hack into another user account either on the game or on the server,
*attempting to access, without permission, the server on which the game is run,
*attempting to execute code not native to the game itself, I.E, code that is not written by the hired and recognised programmers of the game, on either the game or the game's server.
*attempting to use external means to get around restrictions placed upon your account, I.E to evade a ban.
*attempting to exploit a lack of a limitation to slow down the game or to enlarge the game to the point of crashing.
For these, punishments will start at classification two in the bans and punishment policy but may be higher based on the severity of the offense as voted for by a majority of the hosting team.
There are also the following types of system violation to be aware of:
1. Hoarding: Hoarding is where you deliberately buy, create or hold many unvertualised items to the unfairness of other players or beyond what you would actually need. For these reasons, please consider the following limitations:
*you may have 10 items that are the same, for instance, ten death grenades, or 10 boxes of cola. Note: Just because one grenade is called a matchmaker and the other is called a mint matchmaker does not mean you can have 10 of each. They are grenades.
*You may have up to a maximum of three cargo drones on the game.
*you may have up to 5 non-donator pets on the game.
*you may have 3 resource trolleys.
*You may have a maximum of 4 containers on your person.
Exceptions are made to the hoarding policy if:
I. The items are to be used, and therefore will no longer exist, within an hour of their creeation. This is for such things as building a starship.
II. The items are vertualised. You can vertualise items by:
*putting them in containers
*hanging pictures and windchimes on walls
To the best of our ability we will prevent you from hoarding through mechanical enforcement, but we also rely on you to obey these rules for fair game play and balance.
2. Spam. It is also classified as a system violation if you use the game to generate spam either internally or externally.
3. It is a system violation if you use scripts, Macros, triggers, timers, client abilities, command stacks or aliases to automate or speed up any part of the game which is not already done for you by the game itself. It is not a system violation to use triggers to gag text, play sounds, highlight text, add text to a buffer or separate output window for easier reading.
It's not all bad!
If you do notice someone is performing a sysstem violation, or if you self accidentally stumble across an error, loophole or malfunction and you then report it to us, the hosts will reward you for doing so. In cases of loopholes or catching system violator's, the reward can be extremely bountiful!

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