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factory help: useful building commands

Find below a list of useful commands to know when building your factory:
Ambient: manage the ambient messages for the room.
Build: Allows the following:
[1] Build a new room
[2] Remove an old room
[3] edit an exit's messages
[4] review an exit's messages
[5] link this room with another
[6] unlink this room from another room
[7] rename this room
[8] change the type of this room
describe: Redescribe the room.
inside: Toggle the room to make it an inside room.
liftcode: Set a lift passcode
liftdesc: Set a lift description
liftname: set a lift name
lights: Customise the lights
outside: set the room to an outside room.
room-extras: Customise various extra features about the room including donator seats.
stink: Enter a scent for the room.
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