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factory help: factory building

It is apparent to us, the SDF, that we can not run every single resource usage company. We are not ignorant to the fact that we rely not only on our people, but on you as the public. This is why we give you the opportunity at Rank 200 to build your own factory.
This activity can be very complicated at first, so please read carefully.
You will need:
450,000,000,000.0 credits
To get a factory frame:
1. Buy yourself a factory hauler.
2. Go to Star Command or astraeus.
3. Dock the factory hauler.
4. Go to the factory docks.
5. Type request and fill in the relevant details.
To get your factory to your desired location:
Note, You can place your factory anywhere you like, however there are in character rules against having a factory in sector 1.
1. Move your ship to the place you want your factory to go.
2. Dock to your factory. Please see fhelp factory hauling for some important information.
3. Power it up. To do this, go to the command deck or control room and type solar in order to begin the solar charging process. Once charging begins, type power to power up the factory.
4. Anchor it with the anchor command.
How to build new rooms:
1. Transport metal panels to your room using your resource trolley, and dump them in the room you are building from. Once you have a storage room built, metal panels will be taken from there instead, negating the need to move them around.
2. Type build.
What other things can the build command do?
[1] Build a new room. Self-explanatory.
[2] Remove an old room. Self-explanitory.
[3] Edit an exit's messages. Allows you to customize the messages you get when walking through an exit.
[4] Link this room with another. Self Explanitory.
[5] Unlink this room from another room. Self-explanitory.
[6] Rename this room. Self-explanitory.
What are the drones for?
Drones are the workers of your factory. If you want to do practically anything in your factory you require drones.
In general, the more drones you put to a task, the quicker it gets done.

Other Notes:
Metal panels can be gotten from planetoids by bringing your resource trolley to them and instructing the trolley to clean up the metal scraps. Alternatively, you can ask in character if a helpful person might be willing to bring some to your factory to get you started.
Most people recommend building a storage facility, drone room and debris refinery as some of your first rooms. The storage facility prevents the need to move metal panels around while building. The debris refinery allows you to use factory debris drones to salvage from the sector containing your factory. In addition, using your debris refinery you can construct a debris transfer center for others to drop off debris for you. The drone room allows you to build more drones than the initial ten. With those rooms in place, obtaining more resources such as metal panels becomes much simpler.
Rank: 200
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
Recommended help files: fhelp player run debris storage,fhelp player run stores,fhelp player run cafes,fhelp biodomes,fhelp player run clothing stores,fhelp factory ranks,fhelp factory room.
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