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factory help: dry docks

Usage: For repairing and reconstructing ships.
note: Dry docks require minerals from your storage hold for reconstructing ships. For this reason, they need to be linked to a factory storage bay.
save: Save a ship to your dry dock for reconstruction. Note, the ship must be in the dry dock to save it.
delete: delete the design of a saved ship
move: move a ship from the docks to the access tubes
passcode: Set a passcode for your docks
link: Link the drydock to a factory storage hold. (This can only be done by the factory owner.)
reconstruct: reconstruct a saved ship. This requires metal panels equal to that you would need to build the ship normally.
repair : repair a ship if it has lost a room, perhaps due to fire or cargo bay explosions
Estimate: Displays the amount of minerals required for reconstructing a ship.
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