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crafting help: wax shaping

The art of wax making, or that is to say, crafting things with wax has been something that humans have done for generations.
They, however, were not the first.
Mutariansi's, thanks to their ability to shapeshift, have had an uncanny ability to be able to enter hives for many years easily taking wax for themselves.
It has become something of a pride amongst them to make small, very detailed figures which they then enter into competitions to see who can make the best.
Ever since they joined the alliance, in 2491, they have shared this passion.
What you will need:
a wax drone
What you can make:
A small figure
a candle
What to do:
1. Find a hive. Hives are always in outside rooms, but they can be on any planet.
2. Drop your wax drone in the same room.
3. Have your drone enter the hive and begin to collect.
4. When the wax drone has emptied the hive, make it leave.
Watch out!
When your drone enters the hive, bees will attack your drone!
Make sure to keep bees stunned constantly.
Note: During collecting, the drone will get stung. Make sure you keep it repaired!
Note: All of the below commands are arguments of the wax command. So to type them, type wax then the command, E.G: wax enter.
enter: Make your drone first enter the hive, then make him go up in the Ranks. There are 5 Ranks in total.
Out: Make your drone come down in the Ranks of the hive, and eventually, exit it.
Repair: repair your drone
status: see how much wax it has, and how much damage it has
report: have your drone report on its surroundings in the hive
stun: Have your drone stun the bees
collect: begin the collection process
shape: build either a candle or a figure.
empty : get items you have made from the drone.
attack : This will make your character kick the hive. though this will have unpleasant side effects!
Why can't I enter a hive with my drone?
In the first two days of a hive existing, it is being matured and built, as such, you can not enter it.
In the last 2 days of a hive's lifecycle it is being taken apart and so can also not be entered.
Hives last for a total of 10 days.
Rank: 5
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
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