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crafting help: Higher rank Crafting

High Rank crafting is an odd kind of thing. We shall split it into two parts for ease of understanding.

Part 1, Starship and factory building:
Please see the relevant help files for these.

Part 2, blueprints:
What are blueprints?
Blueprints are a type of plan. They convey the items/resources you will need to create a new item.

What kinds of things can I build with blueprints?
You can build a variety of items using blueprints, from chairs, to tables, right up to starship frames and airlocks. It is all dependant on your creation skill. The higher your skill, the cooler the items you can make.

Where do I find a blueprint?
Blueprints can be found by blowing up ships and retrieving the cargo barrels they leave behind.

Ok, so I have the blueprint. Now what?
The first thing you will want to do is scan it into your info computer.
Then, go to a building room, either of your own or someone elses factory, and type construct.

How do I know what a blueprint requires?
That information can be found by selecting blueprint lookup from the ship menu of your informational computer.

How many different resource types are there?
Lets say over 20, and leave it at that.

How many blueprints are there?
An undefined amount, as we add new ones all of the time.

Rank: various
Skills: creation, search and retrieval
Race advantages: none

Recommended help files: help skills,fhelp factory building,fhelp starship building,help resource.
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