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activity help: star rescuing

Note: The activity has been closed until it can be updated to reflect recent changes.
Most people in the galaxy can not afford to be a pilot.
The education alone can often time be very expensive and sometimes, people have other things they want to do with their life.
Most people, however, can't pass up the idea of going into space on a ship being piloted by someone else, and seeing the things that form our universe.
This is all well and good, until a cruiser gets hit by a solar storm, or gets caught in crossfire.
Space travel is not safe, and this can cause casualties. Escape pods, 9 times out of 10, will save the lives of anyone on board, accept in one key situation.
If a ship explodes near a star, the ship will try its hardest to throw the pods away from the offending plasma ball, however, it is more often than not unsuccessful. This is where the EPGU, or emergency pod grabber unit, comes in. These highly-trained pilots risk life and lim as they hover on the edge of a star to grab as many pods, and save as many lives, as they can.
In this activity you are a member of the EPGU and it is your job to save lives.
You will need:
a ship
What to do:
1. First, you will want to train your star rescuing skill.
2. Head over to mission central and assign a star rescue mission to your ship. These are found in the distress call section on the ground floor.
3. Launch and head to the coordinates 64, 64, 64, in sector 6.
4. Type begin.
5. Direct your grabbing arms by sending them to the directions indicated.
This will happen like this:
The computer announces: "east"
You now have three seconds to type e, or east.
Get it wrong, or type too slow, and the pod will be lost forever.
The number of pods you save is dependant on your star rescuing skill.
6. Land, and claim your reward.
Note: Rewards are worked out based on the number of passengers you saved, minus the number of passengers you lost.
If you lost more than you gained, you will lose credits and points!
Full list of commands:
begin: when you are at the correct coordinates, will begin your rescue mission.
Assign: In the distress call room, will volunteer for the mission
Rank: 1500
Skills: Star rescue skill
Race Advantages: none
Important notice: The reward for this activity increases the more passengers you save. You may find this activity slightly low paying at first, but when you get higher skills, the rewards start to pay out big.
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