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activity help: planetoid exploration


Planetoids. What are they?
When a star forms, it drags in rocks and debris around it, which collide with each other. These rocks, minerals, and gases continue to collide until they form bigger lumps. These lumps crash into each other and may form asteroids. These asteroids continue to collide to form planetoids or planetesimals. These planetoids could collide to form planets, much like our beloved Earth.
Some, however, do not, often forming dwarf planets as a result, or just not forming anything and staying as planetoids. Some break apart into asteroids again.
In the modern day society we use planetoids for many things, from ice collection to harvesting.
One thing that some people do though, is explore.
As stated above, planetoids often became dwarf planets before they split apart and this transformation can often leave caves or hidden passages open for people to explore.
This is what planetoid exploration is all about.

You will need:

A ground combat weapon,
A light source

What to do:

1. Find a planetoid, see ahelp planetoid harvesting for help on that.
2. Land on the planetoid and take out the preliminary guard.
3. Explore.
4. Kill off the inhabitant.
5. Get your mineral reward.
6. Kill off the guards who snuck behind you.
7. board your ship and run away!
While exploring, keep your eye out for a small crystal called a trilithium crystal. These small, but powerful items will fill up a warp tank over half full!


explore: explore the planetoid.


Rank: 240
Skills: exploration
Race advantages: being natural explorers, humans have a +3 in this skill.
*** Recommended ***
You will find it easier to find the hidden room the higher your skill is.
Recommended help files: ahelp planetoid harvestin.
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