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activity help: holo dueling

That's fightin' talk!

On the Partaculous Spectaculous station, alongside Pilot's Parody, is a kind of holographic dueling game for players to try out.

How to play:

In this game you control a hologram and attempt to kill everyone elses holograms.
You do not get any reward for doing so, though you do get ultimate bragging rites.
First, head over to the party station.
Second, find the holo arcade.
Third, join with the holo join command.
Holo can also be shortened to just ho.
Every hologram starts off with 100 health.

You can either:

ho heal: this regains 5 hit points
ho attack : This attacks another hologram
ho defend: This puts your hologram into a defensive stance. If attacked during defensive stance, they will take only 1 hit point of damage, rather than 10. Attacking during defensive stance will break the stance, though you can heal fine in this mode.
ho view: view the health of your hologram.
ho view : View the health of someone elses hologram
ho who: View what holograms are active.
To leave the game, simply head north or east and your hologram will flicker out.
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